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We have a great knowledge of the Internet and the way it works, let us help you, whether you are just starting out or require help with your existing web site, no job is too big or too small. We can design your site from scratch, or if you have an existing site, can add new pages or functionality including database facilities, powerful content management systems, Intranet systems and portal development.

You can always choose to purchase ready made templates, including Flash intro's and Company logo's. We use various web technologies such as ASP, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, VBScript and databases including MS Access, MS SQL Server and MySQL to suit your requirements.

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It may be time to update your site and give it the correct look and feel to attract customers via the internet. It is so important to express the correct image that your company deserves, let us help you.

    HTML WAP/WML DHTML Graphic Design JavaScript PHP VBScript Perl XML/XSL Flash ASP / .NET Database Design Including MS Access, MS SQL Server and MySQL

We have experience with deploying applications on both Apache and IIS web server platforms and frequently utilise Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dream weaver, Flash and Shockwave to provide rich multimedia experiences. We have also worked on many enterprise strength database platforms such as Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server and MySQL to deliver client server applications as well as web based front ends for Internet and Intranet usage.

    Software Development:

  • C++, Java and .NET programming
  • Intranet and Enterprise Solutions
  • Security Software Solutions
  • Custom Application Development
  • E-Business Solutions
  • IT and Internet Consulting
  • Desktop Databases and Programming
  • Offshore Outsourcing Software

Long awaited Microsoft .NET technology established the new trend in programming for the next years. .NET framework's level of interoperability is an ideal choice for scalable applications, increasing the productivity and reliability by simplicity and performance. From a business point of view, .NET technology gives the capability to quickly build, deploy, manage, and use connected, security-enhanced solutions. .NET development, either C++, Visual Basic or C# programming, was one of our Romanian company primary focus since the beginning. With a C++ background, our experienced .NET programmers are able to deliver high quality Microsoft oriented software. Using specific .NET components like ADO.NET or ASP.NET, our developers managed to upgrade huge obsolete applications to a cutting edge technology, aware that the migration or porting to .NET is a need in today's market.


  • Increased productivity and speed of development;
  • Reliability;
  • Flexibility;
  • Possibility of cross-platform migration;
  • Integrated configuration and security issues;
  • Coverage of all areas of windows programming and mobile applications;

An extensive experience in .NET development and our past projects made us approach all .NET components. We have also used some third party general libraries, but also have built our own toolkit library that helps us providing high quality .NET programming. Using Visual Studio .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework, the internet programming through ASP.NET is a must, saving money and time in terms of development costs.


  • Windows forms, windows controls;
  • ASP.NET, web forms, web controls;
  • ADO.NET - SQL Server, Oracle, Access;
  • SOAP web services;
  • .NET Compact Framework;
  • .NET Remoting;
  • C# (C Sharp), VB.NET (Visual Basic .NET) , J#, Managed C++


  • .NET application architecture design and .NET programming;
  • .NET migrating or .NET porting of web based / windows applications;
  • Development, support or improvements for existing .NET applications;
  • Database maintenance and .NET enterprise applications;
  • ASP.NET and .NET internet programming;
  • .NET mobile and .NET compact framework development;

We are confident that if you need a .NET application, Techsoft web solutions is the best choice for you.

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